Tour Guide: This is how you make travelling your profession


Who has ever said that you can only travel during your holidays? Escaping the daily routine is one of the most desired hobbies — but how about making traveling itself a job? And yes, you can also earn a living with that. Just become a tour guide.

Tour Guide: This is how you make travelling a profession (Foto: Roderick Eime)
Tour Guide: This is how you make travelling a profession (Foto: Roderick Eime)

Becoming a tour guide

As a tour guide you are solving the problems of a traveler. Maybe they don’t want to leave the country by themselves or they need someone to show them around. You are saving them energy, you provide them with a fun experience and help whenever they need it.

The demand for good tour guides is ever present. Adventurers are searching for the very special kick, single parents need a second hand for their kids and managers don’t even want to think about anything regarding organizational matters. Actually, you can choose your own target group.

For the save run you should go for elderly or handicapped people. They are most likely in the need for a helping hand during their trips.

This is what you need:

For the most of us, traveling isn’t a real profession. Bur like every kind of job, you need to have certain qualifications in order to be eligible.

#1 You like to travel in groups

Be aware, and do not underestimate this job. You are off the ground all the time, you sleep in hotels and most importantly, you are responsible for your clients. Though, at the same time, you are being paid for something others pay a fortune for.

#2 You are a social human being

During a trip you will be in contact with your fellow travelers all the time. Here, being nice and smiling are the major attributes of good travel guide. Everyone demands something else – some want to hold small talk, others just don’t.

#3 You are stress-resistant

Annoying children, bugging conversations with the elderly or a vain manager: the daily struggles of a travel guide are endless. And they demand a highly tolerable attitude towards any difficulty. If you are not able to control your emotions, this job is maybe not the right choice for you.

Step by step towards your dream job

Actually, this job only demands highly advanced social skills. There is no need for expensive equipment, nor a preceding study. Normally the clients will give you anything you need. This includes toys for the kids and any necessary means for disabled people.

The first problem comes with your own marketing. How are your potential clients going to find you, and why would they choose you? Of course you need a trustworthy homepage with convincing references about previous trips.

The second one is the required knowledge by the travelers. There is no point in selling a sailing holiday in Sicily without having necessary qualifications on the boat. On top of that, every person is different. They want to spend their time according to their expectations, so you need to give them multiple options and suggestions that fit their taste.

The Payment

How much is a travel guide being paid? Like in every other profession, it depends. It depends on the kind of travel, the amount of people you take with you and how long you are going for.

But to give an idea: expensive guids get up until 400 Euros a day. Though, a daily compensation of 150 — 200 Euro is a little bit more realistic. Also, travel agencies often try to rip their guides off. Be sure to negotiate the terms before your departure.