How to make money with your own travel report


Reading a travel report can barely be a waste of time. For five minutes you dive into the real-life experience of a globetrotter. The authors seem to have a dream job, don’t they? Too bad that it’s always others who make money with their passions. Actually, anyone can be selling his or her travelogue. Here is how.

How to sell your travel report to magazines and newspapers. Just be original! (Foto: Khánh Hmoong)
How to sell your travel report to magazines and newspapers. Just be original! (Foto: Khánh Hmoong)

How to sell your own travel report

It just has to be something special. If the reader is interested, the editor of a magazine is as well. Of course it has become more difficult to attract the masses nowadays, but definitely not impossible!

Actually, it is super easy. Just find a very interesting travel destination. Book your flight, get in the plane and start your trip. Then, write an exciting story or an informative travel report about it and sell it to potential magazines. Still, easier said than done.

The travel destination

Experienced travellers already have a good feeling of where to go. They naturally avoid touristic regions and everything that is mainstream. If the story is not new or especially appealing, why would someone take the time to read it? That is why you should not write about the techno-scene in Berlin, especially not about the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

An interesting travel report produces emotions in the reader. Think about dangerous climbing videos or photos of indigenous people in the Amazon. Why does your article deserves to be printed? The possibilities are endless.

The journey

Okay, here is why most of you won’t pursue happiness. It’s because the initial effort. Without investing a little bit of energy, time and money no one will be travelling nowhere. It already starts with researching about the destination.

Furthermore, you need to plan the trip, buy the plain ticket and pay extra costs along the journey. Though in the end it will all be worth it. And by far not only financial wise. Travelling lets you grow as a person and enrich your life in uncountable ways.

The exciting story

Who doesn’t want to earn money while traveling the world? To be honest, there are more people who thought about this idea before. It’s tempting, yes. And because of that the competition is very tense. Many people try to stick out and there are tons of “original” stories out there.

The question will be: how do you stick out? The “lucky” people also made into the magazines and on the front pages of newspapers. If they can do it, so can you.

The sale

Newspapers usually pay up to 500 Euros for one article. Though, there are many kinds of outlets you could sell your story to! Just edit your travel report and sell it to another one, and another one, and maybe even a third one.

A Magazine is a different kind of story. They not only expect more, they also require you to go through an annoying application process. This takes way more effort and is more risky.

But let’s say your story made it through. In that case you can make more money than with daily newspaper outlets. Also, if you have too much content you might be tempted to write your one book. Since we live in 21st century you can easily be your own publisher. Just create a travel blog, make an ebook, and sell it from your page. There are no excuses.