Thursday, 21. January 2021

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10 remote jobs where you don't have to be blogging (Foto: Perzonseo Webbyra)

10 remote jobs where you don’t have to be blogging

Everyone wants to escape his daily work life in the office. The standard 8-5 Job tires all of us. Working from home remains a dream, because who wants to start his own blog and thi...
Travel Guide: This is how you make travelling a profession (Foto: Roderick Eime)

Tour Guide: This is how you make travelling your profession

Who has ever said that you can only travel during your holidays? Escaping the daily routine is one of the most desired hobbies — but how about making traveling itself a job? And ye...
So verdient man mit seinem eigenen Reisebericht Geld - man braucht nur eine gute Story und etwas Motivation. (Foto: Khánh Hmoong)

How to make money with your own travel report

Reading a travel report can barely be a waste of time. For five minutes you dive into the real-life experience of a globetrotter. The authors seem to have a dream job, don’t they? ...

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