Why are we not starting our own internet business?


Nowadays everyone wants to be independent. They want to be financially secure and flexible in their working conditions. The best case scenario would entail working from wherever we want. Like having a internet business.

Why are we not all starting our own internet business? (Foto: home thods)
Why are we not all starting our own internet business? (Foto: home thods)

No excuses and full responsibility

Once you got a good idea, there is nothing that can hold you back. But be aware, every beginning of a business requires a lot of investment. The more you invest, the more you get out of it! Especially in the internet you will face a sharp and educated competition that makes your success dependent on willpower.

At the same time, hard work for your own business will be rewarded more than any job you could do for someone else. The more you work, the more money you will have at the end of the year. Instead, if you look at a standard job as an employee, you would just receive the same amount of money while your boss is thinking about the newest car.

With an internet business you are free. Free of controlled and regulated working conditions. Free of tasks you simply hate doing. Once you earn a living from your home office, the time and work you invest is based on your own decisions.

Step by step

An internet business needs time. You cannot just decide go into the world wide web and be successful. Even the internet has its own rules and principles you need to master first, before thinking about using them.

Do not give up your secure job before you are not completely sure about the potential success of your business idea. Talk to people, get feedback, and earn yourself enough certainty before jumping into the sea of sharks.

Thus, start slow. Build your website and your brand while receiving at least a basic income.

A lot of time and few costs

Everything you need to do is to invest time. With the right amount of patience and strong willpower you can easily succeed. The good thing about having an internet business is that it doesn’t cost nearly as much money as opening a store in the city-centre.

No rent, no employees. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. From there you build your website and start thinking about your design and sales.

Because of the low fix-costs you can expect a very high profit margin. The right product that fulfils the need of a target group at the right time can only be successful.

An internet business is full of potential

Frankly, with an internet business you can grow without limits. Financially and personally.

With the right marketing and advertising you can literally reach everyone on the planet. And if the sheer work of getting yourself into that stuff frightens you, just outsource whatever you want. So many companies only exist to help young entrepreneurs succeed in their early stages of growth.

Besides, you can follow your dream! As cheesy as it might sound, but a high risk and big investments at the beginning can be more than worth it in the end. It’s a nice feeling to look back, and be proud of your own work.