Five reasons to LOVE Schleswig-Holstein


Are you a fan of Schleswig-Holstein? Germany’s most northwestern state isn’t often given the praise it deserves. Sure it’s got Sylt, but there’s a lot of other beautiful scenery too! Here are five reasons why we love Schleswig-Holstein!

Sandy beaches, grass-covered dunes and red striped lighthouses

Though Sylt may be the star of the 14 North Frisian Islands, the others are not without their own unique charm. The islands have long been a popular destination for nature lovers – not just in the warm summer season, but all year long. A visit guarantees beautiful sea views, a relaxing retreat – and maybe some seals, too! Make sure you book early if you want to visit in the summer season. Finicky North German weather doesn’t guarantee sunshine, but this area is usually booked up way in advance nonetheless.

The Queen of the Hanse

Did you know that we mean Lübeck? This 12th century medieval city boasts more than 1000 historic buildings, rolling cobblestone streets and a number of architectural gems. Luckily, it was well preserved following the War – while many other German cities were flattened to the ground – and you can still walk through the streets as they looked over the past centuries. Lübeck has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 and today it’s both a thriving little city and a storybook fairytale to visit. It was one of the founding cities of the Hanseatic League (thus gaining it the nickname “Queen of the Hanse”) and you can still see the medieval merchants homes throughout it’s core.

Glistening Great Plön Lake 

During the warm summer months, the Großer Plöner See (Great Plön Lake) is a haven for paddleboarders, swimmers, boaters and fishers. It’s the largest lake in Schleswig-Holstein and features a number of sandy beaches as well as plenty of accommodation options – from hotels to hostels and campgrounds. The lakeshore has been inhabited since the Middle Stone Age and today remains a popular vacation spot in Schleswig-Holstein.

Naturpark Holsteinische Schweiz

Covering more than 750 square kilometers between Lübeck to the south and Kiel to the north, the Naturpark Holsteinische Schweiz is an absolute gem – not just in Schleswig-Holstein, but all of Germany. With rolling green hills, beautiful golden fields, expansive meadows blanket in wildflowers and more than 200 lakes, it’s no secret why it’s given the name “Schweiz”. This translates to “Switzerland” in German, a label which Germans often put on scenic areas. The Großer Plöner Lake is located within the park as well!

Farms, farms and more farms

The inland area of Schleswig-Holstein is mainly flat, ideal for farmland. Driving through this area is scenic in it’s own way – there’s something tranquil about kilometer after kilometer of rolling fields dotted with black and white cows, right? And did you know a significant portion of the German cabbage harvest is grown in Schleswig-Holstein?