Study in Germany — We’ll tell you why


Ever thought of yourself as someone who would want to study in a new country? New culture, new language, new experience – can it get better than that?


How about if you throw in very low (or free) tuition, and great job potential? Look no further then Germany!

Here are 9 reasons to study in Germany

  1. Near debt-free education

Compared to the US, Canada and even the UK, Germany’s tuition fees are rock bottom. In some cases, all you’re going to pay is for your transport pass and administrative fees, ranging between €100 and €500.

How does Germany accomplish this stunning feat? Public education in Germany is funded through taxes on the entire population.

  1. Top-quality education


Speaking from first-hand experience, Germany offers top-notch education – easily comparable to my bachelor degree in the US, at a fraction of the cost. Germany’s public universities are among the highest quality in the world. The study program focuses on increasing student’s independence, rather than handholding.

  1. Scholarships go a long way

In the US, scholarships are hard to find, and if you get them, they minimally cover expenses. In Germany, on the other hand, if you manage to get a scholarship it will go a long way, especially when you get a total transport pass included in tuition.

  1. Plenty of opportunities to study in English

Don’t speak German? No problem. There are tons of Master programs and even some Bachelors taught in the English language in Germany – 1,150 in total. If you enroll in these programs you won’t just meet friends from Germany, but ones from all over the world.

  1. Great health insurance


The German health care system is amazing. No really. For about €80-100 a month, you’ve got complete coverage. Need surgery? An ambulance ride? A check-up? No additional costs.

  1. Easy public transportation

Public transportation in Germany is quick, easy and convenient. In the main cities like Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, the network is incredibly comprehensive, covering nearly every corner of the metropolis. The best part? Your unlimited transport pass is included with tuition.

  1. Student housing

You can find a great room in a student house for around €200 a month – including utilities. This gives you a great chance to meet new people. If you want to live in an apartment, there is also a huge community throughout Germany of young people who live together as roommates.

  1. Many social opportunities


Germans know how to have fun. Beer is cheap, and the parties last all night long. There are also tons of really cool opportunities – i.e. beer yoga in Berlin. Plus, with so many international student flocking to Germany, there’s always someone to meet.

  1. Job opportunities

Germany offers many job opportunities post-graduation, especially if you take the time to learn German. Germany has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU at around 6.9%.

The original article is from the, but I, the author, also studied in Germany as an expat and definitely agree on all these points!