11 Reasons to make a bike your main mode of transport


Cycling is on the rise in Germany. City bike infrastructure was introduced in cities like Hamburg and Berlin, and plans to implement more bicycle paths in and around cities has begun, i.e. Germany’s cycling autobahn.

But it doesn’t seem that Germany has quite caught on to the wonderful world of bikes as its neighbors to the west (Holland) and the north (Denmark) have.

What gives?

Here are 11 reasons why you should choose a bicycle as your main mode of transport!

1. Cheaper than public transport

Ticket machine

The main reason I got into cycling in the first place was to save money. Public transport is expensive in Germany. A ride on the U-Bahn in Hamburg starts at €2,50 each way. Taking a bicycle? Free!

2. Good exercise

bike exercise

Cycling each day instead of sitting on the train, bus, or in your car is the perfect way to get in some extra exercise without a trip to the gym. I especially liked riding the bike on a chilly morning—I was awake and warmed up in no time!

3. Easy to find parking

Bike parking

Driving to work or school each day brings the hassle of finding parking. With a bike, you never have to search far for a spot and if you ride with one of the city-wide bike sharing programs, you can easily rent the bike at one spot and drop off at another.

4. Trendy

Bike fashion

Did you ever think your bicycle could be a cool accessory? It’s true!

5. Easy and cheap to fix

Compared to a private car, a bicycle will be cheap and easy to fix. Plus, all those days you’re riding the bike, you are reducing the amount of mileage on you car!

6. More convenient

With public transport, you have to wait for the train or bus. Your bike, on the other hand, is always waiting for you! Plus, if you’ve got to get through a tight space or trail, the bike is the perfect way tool to take a shortcut.

7. You don’t need to invest a lot

bike fix

You can find your first bike for fewer than 50 euros at a flea market (no, really, I bought mine for €35!).

8. Bikes make day trips more fun

Bike rental day trip

Looking to plan a trip to a lake, museum, concert, etc. outside of the city? Riding your bike adds a little extra fun!

9. Become more familiar with your surroundings

Bike city

Riding the train everyday, I would miss lots of little neighborhoods and places along the way. Switching over to bike (even for just one day) you get to know your surroundings so much better.

10. Get some fresh air

Bike forest

For those of us cooped up in an office all day, getting some extra fresh air is the perfect excuse to turn to your bike as the main mode of transport. Plus, if it’s nice and sunny you can get a little Vitamin D!

11. It’s sustainable

Bike sustainable

What fuel source is used to power a bicycle? YOU! This is much more sustainable than a private car (which typically relay on limited fossil fuels) and even public transport (which is, albeit more sustainable than a car, but still requires a fuel source).

Come on, save the planet. I know you want to!